"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" ~ C. S. Lewis

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two for Tuesday: New Things

I am very excited because I have learned two new things in the last week.

1. I learned how to knit. Okay, not everything, but the basics. I even made a cute little swatch. See!
I learned how to knit, pearl, do ribbing, increase, decrease, and cast off! Whee!
My friend is teaching me and she said my stitches are very neat and even. :D I have crocheted and sewed and cross-stitched, but knitting always looked scary. Now I want to try EVERYTHING.

2. Re-watching the final season of Lost in under a week is not recommended.

Okay, so this is much more lame than the other, but it is nonetheless true. On Sunday we watched like 7 episodes and then yesterday watched the finale and a bunch of the special features. As of 11:00 last night, my sinuses and eyes were still itchy and sore from all the crying I did. I liked the last season, but after the last week, I love it.

I did not do this just for kicks. I am moderator of the "Lost in Memory" panel at Polaris on Saturday and I was scared that I would not remember well enough to talk about it. Hence the rushed watch. You'd think I could have started back in February when I signed up, but apparently I like waiting until the last minute. Which is another thing I have come to a greater realization of this week.
funny pictures of cats with captions
But then I would have to call this Three for Tuesday, and it just doesn't have the same ring.

Have you learned anything new lately? A new skill? Something you realized about yourself? I also just realised that I like the "realised" spelling better than the "realized" spelling. That z feels jarring.



Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Oh my gosh, I want to learn how to knit!! I'm always so envious of people who can do it at conferences while they're listening to keynote speakers and stuff. Also, I would like a hat.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

oh man, i really want to learn how to knit. I know how to crochet, but like Carolina said, i'm always jealous of the people knitting socks at conferences.
Of course, it's not like i even have time for crocheting any more.

Grammy said...

Hi, I never learned to knit, although I do crochet and have done for a long time. My mom taught me to crochet and to embroider. I also quilt. I have made baby quilts for each of my 7 great grands, a large kingsize for each of my five grandchildren, and still have quilts to make for my two daughters. Hopefully, I will get those done. :)
you could maybe say the "covori" verification word could mean quilt.:)

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm so glad you learned how to knit! I love knitting and that's how I manage to get through all my christmas presents because otherwise I'd be broke in two minutes lol.