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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Contest WINNERS!

**UPDATE*** I accidentally put the wrong e-mail. good heavens. that just shows where my brain is. It is fixed now, so if you tried to send it, try again with the one below *headdesk*

Hi! I seriously miss all of you! SERIOUSLY.

It's that end of the semester crunch, following hard on the heels of the thumb escapade, and trying to think of all the things I have to do before I get on the plane a WEEK FROM TODAY. *dies*

But you guys are so swell and forgive me when I abandon you for like two months :(

So real quick... I have decided that YOU ARE ALL WINNERS. Because I am nice like that.

SO you will ALL get a loverly postcard from Italy with some sort of lame "Look where I got to go! I'm sending you a picture! Be jealous!" note on the back from yours truly :)

So if you (wow... I just realized that's the third little paragraph that started with the word "so") could e-mail me your address, I will put it in my fancy travel notebook and then send you a card! I will need them by Monday. But if you haven't gotten it to me, I will buy you a postcard and mail it when I get home, which will not be as exciting since it won't have an Italy postmark, but you'll still get a card.

Anyhoodles. e-mail me at sonshinemusic (at) gmail (dot) com

And check back next week for the super Italy contest that I'll be hosting while I'm gone with an unknown, undisclosed Italy prizepack!


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