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Monday, September 13, 2010

Yeah! Other Entries!

Naomi and I were so grateful to everyone that entered our Super Sister Celebration! We loved all of them and the fact that you actually took time out to write something for us.

So we wanted to mention the entries that didn't place and let you all know the things we liked about them too.

Kulsuma wrote a sketch based on the "Be Happy That... Grass isn't sharp" prompt - laying out a world where the grass is, in fact, sharp and how it affects everything.

One of the lines that struck both Naomi and I was "Lying on the grass in the sun is no fun at all; it's like coming into contact with a fearsome porcupine. But the people where I live don't bother with acupuncture when they're stressed; they lie on the smaller stems of grass, stretch and relax. HAHAHA! Loved it!

Sarah/Falen wrote a piece using the "Be Happy That... You aren't suddenly allergic to pants" prompt. It was about high school girls, a magic wishing star shirt and sweet revenge and I hope she posts it over on her blog for you all to read, because it was a lot of fun.

Naomi and I liked the bit where the MC is talking to the uber popular (and skanky [her word, not mine :}]) Lisa - she stepped into my personal space and I stumbled back. I was pretty sure if she touched me, I would melt. Also her description of Lisa's Posse as a pack of hyenas, waiting for the time when Lisa would fall from the top. Great word pictures!

Mia wrote a story that somehow made zombie cannibals (go figure, what a shock) with a lot of humor, car chase stuff and shooting. I hope she posts it over on her blog, because you'll all get a kick out of it.

Naomi and I both cracked up at this section - Justin gets tetchy when I jump-start the engine. I'm not sure if it's because I sacrifice a good paper clip or he didn't think of that. Probably the paper clip. Former librarians never lose their respect of stationary. Ever. HAHAHA!

So thank you again for making our contest a success!


Rebecca Wells said...

I am a little failboat, to borrow an expression from one of my good friends. Because I was going to enter your contest, and I was going to, and I was going to... and that just never happened. :(

Anyway, be advised that I will be entering the next awesome contest you have.

Congratulations to all the creative people who actually did! Your entries are fabulous.

Raquel Byrnes said...

Those all sound like super fun reads! I do hope they post them. Great idea for a contest. It was so nice of you to do an honorable mention post.

Edge of Your Seat Romance

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I have obviously been gone for far too long. I missed all the fun! :-)

Dangerous With a Pen said...

So glad you shared these little snippets. I love the lines you posted, especially Mia's last little blurb!!! Hilarious!

RosieC said...

Rebecca, thanks again for holding the contest. Sounds like you got a lot of fun entries :)

If you get a chance, stop by my blog. There's something waiting there for you :)