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Monday, December 28, 2009

My Adorable Nephew

We had a really nice Christmas. My sister "Rae" and her husband "Pete" came to visit bringing my adorable nephew. He's pictured here wearing his favorite Christmas sweater.

Yes, that is his actual picture and no, you don't need new glasses. Okay, so technically he's not my nephew, but he's the closest thing I have and I love him to pieces. His name is Titus and he has the sweetest temperament and the greatest personality. Smart as anything too. No I'm not biased. What are you talking about?

About a month before Christmas Rae bought him the above sweater as a Christmas present, but when she got home she tried it on him to make sure it fit. It did, so she tucked it into the bottom of the bag where she keeps his treats and travel toys, etc.
The next day when she got home Titus was waiting for her in the living room with the sweater, pleading at her with puppy dog eyes to put it on. She said no, of course. After all it was his Christmas present and went to put it back in the bag. He had ignored the toys and the treats and dug the sweater out leaving everything else intact. She tucked it back in the bottom, put everything else on top and proceeded to start dinner.
A few minutes later he padded into the kitchen bearing the sweater and dropped it at her feet. At which point she caved (I know, she's a terrible mother :P). But honestly, he just loved it so much, how could you possibly resist a face like that?

So he was wearing it for Christmas as we all gathered to open presents. Last year Titus was excited about everything but this year he had it all figured out. There were goodies inside those wrapped packages and you just had to get through the paper to find the treats. Which he did quite adeptly as seen in this lovely video. (the music is Can't Believe It's Christmas from A Very Veggie Christmas. [I love Veggie Tales])

He so carefully pulls out the toys and doesn't eat the paper or anything. How adorable is that? The answer is VERY :)

Once he gets a toy, Titus' first mission is to make sure it is actually dead by de-stuffing it. The green thing I got him was called an "Unstuffable" meaning it had no stuffing. At least, the body didn't. Turned out the head had quite a bit..... (the music here is Christmasville Fanfare by Manheim Steamroller [love them too])

He is just cuter than a bug's ear. What a fun addition to our Christmas celebration. Of course, I can't wait for real nieces and nephews, but I'm telling you, Titus makes a great stand in until that happens.


Anonymous said...

Cutest puppy EVER!!! Thanks for posting my adorable "son"

AchingHope said...

Woo... I went to post a comment and I musta hit somethin' wrong, because I was suddenly looking at a screen filled with gibberish. I kinda' freaked a little.

Anyway, very cute nephew ;)

(And I keep commenting on other blogs and I have the coolest verification codes, but then I can't say anything because it's ridiculous. Blah. Though mine right now is immingl, and all I can think of is Princess Bride. My name is Immingl Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.)