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Thursday, October 8, 2009

So Bite Me

I'll admit I've become a bit of a vampire fan.

And I'll admit it all started with Twilight.

I'll even admit that I like the books and the movie (though I'm certainly not obsessed with them)

And I'll admit right here to the chagrin of many Twilight lovers that I am firmly on Team Jacob. However, I also loved the way Breaking Dawn went. Figure that one out :P

I've read PC and Kristin Cast's House of Night novels, Melissa De La Cruz's Blue Bloods Series and a couple of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books.

So what's next? Vampire Diaries.

I haven't read the books yet, but I thought I'd see what the show was all about. It looked interesting. The first episode was okay enough to bring me back for #2. That one was all right, but then I let it slip for a week. (I've been watching them online, because my schedule won't allow me to catch it on TV) It was all right and I was enjoying it, but it wasn't really compelling. They were a little over the top with making Stefan too much like Edward - from the movie. Certain angles, the way they had his hair, some of his expressions. I found it annoying. And there wasn't a whole lot going on other than high school drama. Nothing to make it really stand out.

The other night I wanted a little diversion, so I thought I would go ahead and catch up.

The third episode things were getting a little more interesting. Not as much in the vampire department, but I was really getting intrigued by Elena's friend, Bonnie, and her emerging powers. And I was really beginning to enjoy Ian Somerhalder's portrayal of Damon. I was never really a big fan of him as Boone. I don't know, just never quite did it for me, but I am loving him as Damon. You can tell he is having the time of his life, too. He loves playing the part and the performance is flawless and oh so fun.

But then came the end of the fourth episode and I was left with my jaw hanging. Spoiler warning!

To find out that there's this group of people who have been warned to watch for the return of the vampires and that Elena's parents were apparently part of it! Definitely much more interesting. It also raised a bunch of questions and thought that I now cannot wait to see them play with over the course of the show.


Blam said...

I saw the first episode and thought, Eh. Some folks I know like it pretty well, but as it is I'm falling behind on shows I really enjoy; maybe I'll catch up during winter reruns. As I recall you've never seen Buffy, however, which is something you should rectify posthaste, especially since you enjoyed Firefly.

Blam said...

Also, while it's pretty heavy on the sex and violence at times, I blew through Season 1 of True Blood right before the fall shows debuted and sweet muffins was it great, addictively pulpy fun.