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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The rewatch begins!

Nikki won't be posting anything up until Thursday and I am SO not trying to steal any of her thunder, so anything I post here, I will probably put in some form over there as well, to reach a wider audience.

But I think I'm going to do a random episode recap of the things I noticed and commented on or that my sister pointed out.

So here goes..... 1.1 "The Pilot Part 1"

Hurley: "Dude, I'm not going anywhere." How ironic, because they really aren't going anywhere - literally - for a very long time.

Kate: "I made the drapes in my apartment."

Jack's "fear story". I love the fact that we know the truth about it now and that he was really a big wimp and Christian saved him and everything. At this juncture you're led to believe that Jack is this heroic figure - and not that he doesn't do a lot of things to help and save people and is heroic on the Island - but he really has some deep issues that we won't discover for a long time.

Also the point that Kate and Jack start off their relationship by lying to each other - quite representative of things to come.

Ha! Kate says, "I saw smoke in the valley" when she's talking about the cockpit, but right after that is when they hear Old Smokey for the first time.

On the plane, when Jack is takling to Rose and the turbulence starts, there is a groaning and a clicking sound very much like Smokey and the cabin flashes dark giving it this dark, smokeyish appearance.

Then in the next scene, Rose and others are talking on the beach and Rose says that the sound of the monster is really familiar? Could Smokey have taken down the plane? More on this in a separate post.

Why did the smoke monster go after the pilot so violentle? Had they just not worked out the specifics of how Smokey was working? Or was there a reason? Or does it really not matter and I'm just wondering because Lost is Lost and there MUST be a reason behind EVERYTHING! :D lol!

1.2 "The Pilot Part 2"

Charlie kind of comes off as a womanizer in this first episode - talking and kind of flirting with Kate and then being googly eyes with Shannon.

This was kind of a Duh! thing that I had kind of noticed, but not really thought about - Jin's father is a fisherman. That's why he knows so much about fish and which urchins are okay to eat and how to prepare them and everything.

Sayid: "Some people have problems." HA! Like everyone that crashed on the Island!

Sayid is one of the few who is completely up front and honest about who he is and what he's done. He openly admits to being in the Republican Guard, admits to being a torturer. I think the big thing for him is that he knows he's done what he's done and he can't change that, but he has an honest desire to change and leave all that behind - it's hard to do that and it doesn't work much of the time - but he does regret it. He doesn't have to hide or lie because he truly desires to change.

The marshal is one person I actually physically hate on this show.

Why does Kate go and ask for Jack's permission to go on the hike!

Sawyer: "I'm a complex guy, sweetheart." Truer words were never spoken :) Ah Sawyer :)

LOL! Jack is looking for a knife or a blade in a suitcase. Too bad he didn't find Locke's! And why didn't Locke volunteer one of his? Had he not found it yet? Or did he not know Jack was looking for it?

Sawyer: "Probably bear village" Ha! Because later Sawyer gets imprisoned in bear village!

Sawyer: "Sure, I'll be the prisoner, what part do you want to play?" The really all do have a part to play. The con man, the liar, the fugitive, the hunter, the fixer, etc.

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Joan Crawford said...

I agree, Charlie was all "Mr.Cool" with most of the women, but, I guess we forgive him when he gets all protective of Claire. It is so funny to nitpick about all of these little things, but it matters!

Bear village - ha! I also love it when Sawyer says "Thank you, Boar Expert" later on.