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Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Owl Contest!

Yes, you heard that right. I am giving away yet another one of my trademark owls!

This is a very special giveaway for some very special people.

Now you may not think you qualify, so make sure you read the rules before you huff away in disgust at not being able to enter the contest*

This giveaway is for NaNoWriMo WINNERS!


I told you not to huff away. Okay, listen up.

Did you finish your 50,000 words in the month of November? You're a WINNER!
Did you write anywhere between 1 and 49,999 words in the month of November, but couldn't finish for any number of reasons? You're a WINNER!
Did you cheer on friends that were doing NaNo, even though you knew there was no way you could manage it this year? You're a WINNER!

All the rest of you can huff away now. I promise I won't be offended**

So, if you are a NaNo WINNER! then you have the chance to be a SonshineMusic Owl WINNER! too!
Aww... isn't Nano adorable!? He's got a winner flag and a pencil
and a slightly cockeyed expression from writing so much in a month!
All you have to do is comment on this post to enter. School is going to eat my face off this coming week, so this is going to run until next Friday night - the 17th of December.

In your comment entertain me with a tale of your NaNoWriMo experience. If I laugh out loud I will totally give you a bonus entry***

Also, please feel free to steal the picture of little Nano to invite other people to enter and you're welcome to Tweet or Facebook or Blog or Sidebar, because I want to spread the NaNo love!

That's it! go forth and enter and win some owlage.

*because I know that would be your first reaction
**as long as you aren't offended by me
***I am dead serious about this. I need the laughs when I'm in the middle of my 15 page research paper, 8 page final and 30 page case study.


Dangerous With a Pen said...

OoOoOoh! My owlie says, "Good luck to everyone!" (We won't enter but will wish everyone else best of luck winning an adorable owlie!) And congrats to all NaNo winners and triers!

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

oooh enter me!
let me think, something funny regarding NaNo...
well last NaNo i tried to write Long striking black hair, but due to typos it came out as long stinking back hair.
That cracks me up every time i think about it

Mia Hayson said...

An OWL contest! Hooray! Count me in!

Ummmm. Something about Nano. Ummmmm. During a write in my M.L complimented me on a green necklace I was wearing. What she actually said was "I like your pendant". What I heard was "I like you PENGUIN". I nodded and went along with it for about an hour before I admitted I thought she said penguin.

After that it became a challenge. So if you read my group's writing almost everybody has somebody randomly saying penguin when they actually mean something else.

Hope you find time to relax this week!


YouKnowWho said...

An OWL contest? I love it!

Hmm, well this was the first year I completed NaNo and became a "Winner" - it was a good experience to finally write the entire way through to 50,000.

As far as my experience: I had this idea of a wife murdering her ex-hubby (for good reason, I might add). But, in the "way things work out" category, by the end of the novel, the dude had just disappeared, no one could find him and on and on it went. Then one day, I hit 50,000 words. His body was found.

At that point, it was Thanksgiving and I was tired. I never explained that his cousin caused the entire thing (and ex wife was no longer a murderess). LAME. I'll probably go back at some point and finish, because it ended with a thud. I had my 50,000 plus a bit, so I wrote THE END.

Verification word: "Canknap" - what I hope my canker sores will do? :-/ (ick)


Hannah Kincade said...

I'm stealing Sarah's idea.

I was writing a sex scene (and giggling) then I realized I had typed "fart ooo." yeeeeeeah. Too ridiculous for words.

Lola Sharp said...

YAAAYYYY!!! You KNOW I've been wanting to win one of your owls FOREVER. As in I haven't stopped thinking about the girl owl from last spring! I worry about her and wonder how she is.

I LOVE this flag waving writer owl!! I am So excited.

Okay...how about a TMI true confession?
I was so anxious to be done before Thanksgiving that I *might* have even taken my macbook into the potty and typed while peeing. I seriously wrote 16,000 words in 2 days...I didn't shower in those two days. I would have if my macbook was waterproof. (Apple needs to get on that...I've begged them for 2 years)
(For the record, I used bath and body works hand sanitizing gel before I touched my keyboard after wiping)
Ultimate multi-tasking word-count ninja or gross?
You be the judge...but you can't argue with the word count numbers. ;)

I hope your school stuff is going well and you survive this last week.

I'm off to tweet this. :)
Happy Holidays!

4ndyman said...

I am sometimes astounded by what my Nanowrimo characters say. I'm still trying to work my way to the end of my novel, which is about greed, love, and crop circles. Last night, though, my character sat on his front porch with his love interest and explained (in much simpler terms than I ever could) what makes a good story qualify for the moniker "literature." It was totally unexpected and wonderful!

My word verification "word" is ditiess. This is obviously a female dity, which I would define as a man who is hired to clean a house or apartment but who feels guilty taking money for it because he enjoys cleaning THAT MUCH.

Blam said...

Did you cheer on friends that were doing NaNo, even though you knew there was no way you could manage it this year? You're a WINNER!

Ooh! I resemble that remark. And I'm quite desiring of an owlie, so I hope you recall how I checked in to cheer to you on.

I'd love to entertain you, but I'm in too foul a mood from Ms. DWAP posting about how she's too good to try to get another owlie and rubbing our faces in the fact that she already has one — metaphorically, but I'm sure she'd do it literally if she could.

DWAP: "That's rude."

Blam: "Rude? Your screen name says you're dangerous. And your acronym sounds like a slap in the face."

DWAP: "Oh yeah? Your screen name sounds like someone being shot."

Blam: "I am a man of peace."

DWAP: "Blam! Dwap! Oof... Kwa-peeng! Urrrgh..."

Blam: "You're a mean girl, DWAP."

DWAP: "Prove it!"

Blam: "You're from Upper Darby."

DWAP: "That's rude."

Blam: "I'm just getting started, doofus. Word association time! Upper Darby, Darby O'Gill and the Little People, Little Red Riding Hood, Boyz N the Hood, Boyz II Men, Mad Men, Mad Magazine, Time Magazine, "Time Is on My Side", side of bacon, Kevin Bacon (of course), Kevin Costner, Dances with Wolves, "Werewolves of London", London Bridge, "Bridge over Troubled Water", Simon & Garfunkel, Simon Says, Mother May I, Mother Mary, Mary Matalin, James Carville, James Cagney, Cagney and Lacey, Lacey Chabert, Mean Girls... Ha! You're a mean girl."

DWAP: "..."

VW: quituf — How to stop doing something in pidgin Welsh.

Blam said...

Lola Sharp: Ultimate multi-tasking word-count ninja or gross?


Rebecca T. said...

You people are the greatest! I can't stop giggling over all of these stories!

@DWAP ... I think Blam said it all.

@Falen *snort* I think I shall have to write a post with my most ridiculous NaNo sentences. It's amazing what comes out when you're writing at the speed of light.

@Mia I feel a strong compulsion to make a penguin now :)

@Michelle Welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit to casa del Rebecca :) Canknap is now a part of my vocabulary

@Hannah o_0 That is why I do not write those kinds of scenes :)

@Lola as a fellow NaNoer I have to say I'm not sure if that crosses the line or not. But I think it just might have been a little TMI :P

@4ndyman Don't you just LOVE when your characters surprise you like that! It makes me chuckle every time.

@Blam Priceless... just priceless.