"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" ~ C. S. Lewis

Monday, July 25, 2011

Um, yeah, so

I'm going to be MIA this week.

I know. Lame sauce.

But it's for a good reason. I'm going on vacation to some friends in Virginia. I could use the recharge before I hit a straight month of liquidation insanity at work.

I may pop in briefly on Wednesday if I am so inspired, but otherwise I will be delightfully unavailable. Pool, family, friends, and some good books :)

Thanks to all of you that stick around and read my ramblings and especially to those that let me know you stop by. I think I would've given this up a while ago if it weren't for all of you. <3

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's a Harry Potter World

It's over. That's it. No more new Harry Potter.

If we could pause for a moment of silence and copious weeping.

Naomi and I realized that we would be in Toronto on the night of the midnight release. We had already planned on going a day early to do some sightseeing, as I talked about on Tuesday, but now we were really glad we had, because there's no way we could have gone to the midnight release at home, gotten to bed at 3 and then left in any kind of decent time on Friday to make it in time for Polaris.

So we ordered tickets online, finding a theatre only 5 minutes and a straight shot from our hotel. Yeah!

It was a huge fancy theatre. I have never been to one like this.
It looked much more impressive at night with a million neon lights
But I forgot to take a picture then
Trelawney has a prediction for you!
What is wrong with my face?
We got there early, not sure how the line would be, and it was pretty long already. We decided to dress up, because - come on! - it's the last Harry Potter for goodness sake! When we got there we didn't see anyone else in costume and I felt a little weird (Naomi would say I was a lot weird, but whatever) anyhoo.

Once we got inside it was better. Not because a lot of people were dressed up, because they weren't, but because of the whole atmosphere. The place was charged with anticipation, Potter love, and good natured Muggleness.

We got in line and after a while, they shifted us all forward. Our line snaked into this side entrance, which was basically a concrete floored, cinder block walled, hallway with no ventilation. Fortunately we discovered that the doors at the end of the hall led outside and were not alarmed. Naomi and I stood by the door and sang the Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog soundtrack to amuse ourselves.

Finally they let us into our theatre, but there was still at least half an hour before the movie started. Naomi and I had great fun listening to the conversations around us. Two girls to my right kept trying to one up each other with horror stories from their childhood. Everything from stove burns to wasp swarms. It was pretty hilarious.

Then. The movie.

I thought it was really well done. It was very satisfying and a solid ending to the movie series. I won't say anything more, because I avoid spoilers, so I'll just say I enjoyed it.

But the best part of the whole thing was the way the audience reacted. I've never experienced anything like it before. Not even when I went to the midnight release of Half Blood Prince. I don't know if it's Canada, if it's because it was the last movie, or if it was just the group of people in the room, but it was amazing. Everyone gasped, cheered, booed, clapped, awwwed, laughed, and just generally interacted with the happenings on the screen, but without being distracting or detracting from the movie. In my opinion it enhanced it and I will look back on that night with special fondness whenever I think about the final book or movie.

Have you seen it yet? Are you planning on seeing it? Did you like it? No spoilers please!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cover Love Thursday: How to Judge a Book by its Cover

A little twist on my normal Cover Love post... Inspired (as you might guess) by Polaris. On Friday we went to a panel called "How to Judge a Book by its Cover." It was really fascinating. The panelists were Stephen B. Pearl, Julie Czerneda, Erik Buchanan, and the lovely Nikki Stafford. So there were authors, art directors, editors... pretty much the whole gamut to give us a perspective on how a cover is chosen, what makes a cover good or bad, and what a publisher is trying to do when they slap a cover on a book.

The interesting thing is that most authors have little say in their covers, but Erik and Nikki both work for/with smaller publishers and Julie used to work in publishing (if I'm remembering correctly) so they have had a greater opportunity for helping choose or, in some cases, actually putting together their covers. Stephen is working with a larger publishing house, so he's had very little say in the final product.

They talked about the "thirty foot rule" in that, having a cover that stands out, or at least has a visible title from a good distance away is important. Nikki talked about her original cover for her Season 6 Finding Lost book, which featured a chessboard with a black king and a white king in the center and red lettering. The thirty foot impression was of Twilight, not Lost, so they reworked it.

Though I liked the original, I absolutely ADORE this cover.
It sums up the final season so well in my mind.
And I got my copy autographed, so I'm thrilled :D

Erik had both of his books, Small Magics and Cold Magics and talked about how the stock fantasy imagery was so corny that he actually worked with a couple of friends that do photography to shoot what became the covers of his books.
This is his second novel - note how the white swirl
draws your eyes up to the title
Julie shared some of the interworkings of publishing houses and how they buy art, sometimes not even for a specific book, but keep it in the files to use someday.
This has nothing to do with what she talked about,
but I wanted to throw up one of her books
And I think this cover is sweet!
Stephen also had one of his books with him, which he passed around and shared the humorous confusions that can sometimes occur when an artist isn't quite getting the same picture the author provides.
See that windmill? That's supposed to be a wind turbine.
It's also supposed to be on a solar powered van
Which you can kind of see under the windmill.
Disconnect much :)
But overall, he liked the effect of the cover
It was just such an interesting panel to listen to how authors work with their publishers to create the best possible cover, the ups and downs authors and editors have trying to produce the best product possible, and the types of things they themselves look for in covers.

So what catches your eye on a cover? Have you seen any covers you've loved recently? Have you seen the cover of Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me?!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Retail Wednesday Polaris Style

So having been gone for practically a week, I don't really have any good stories from the bookstore, but I have a funny geek power story that I wanted to share.

Also, the news has officially been released that Borders is closing. So I will be out of the book job before too long. However, I foresee many insane customers in that process, so I will take copious notes and keep y'all apprised of their hilarity.

This year at Polaris, Larry Stewart was once again master of ceremonies. We met Larry for the first time last year and let's just say I hope there are many, many, many years of him joining the Polaris team. He is freakin' hysterical. Naomi and I made sure we made it to one of his Harry Potter readings and it was well worth it. (He is a voice actor and an artist and a billion other things and if you click on that link up there you can hear him do some of his impressions. He does a wicked McGonagall and his Snape is rather scary!)
Be careful - he might set his shirt on you!

When we went to the Q&A for Brandon Sanderson (just you wait... I have SO much to say about him from the weekend. Loved every minute of the panels he was on) Larry made some announcements before introducing Brandon. (I feel strange calling them by their first names, but it would be weirder to not)

Everyone in Toronto is obsessed with Tim Horton's. At least that's what it feels like. And Larry had gone across the street from the hotel to get a coffee. When he walked in, the store felt like a sauna. It was humid and hot and nasty and he asked the young woman working there what the problem was. She said that the air conditioner had broken, but it wasn't a priority to get it fixed. However, if enough customers complained....

so Larry asked us all to do a favor. He gave us the number to the Tim Horton's home office and gave us the store number and asked us to flood the office with phone calls until they fixed the problem. He said that he'd gotten the answering machine when he'd called and wanted it to be filled up with people asking for the air conditioner to be fixed.

There was a massive cheer when he asked this. This was on Saturday morning. On Sunday, when Naomi and I went to the Q&A for Jewel Staite (oh my goodness SO adorable) Larry had an announcement.

He had gone back over to the Tim Horton's and there were now signs up in the window apologizing and letting the customers know that the air conditioner was being addressed. He talked to the young woman who said that the woman from the home office was there right at that moment and asked if Larry wanted to talk to her. He said sure!

The woman came out and talked with him briefly and then made the comment that "it was better today." Never at a loss, Larry took his coffee punch card and slapped it against his forehead, where it stuck due to the moistness. "This is not normal."

She looked at him. "This was you," she said.

He admitted that he had asked some people to call and leave a message. She looked him in the eye. "All those phone calls. Came. to. Me."

Oh my werd, hearing Larry tell this story was pretty much the most hilarious thing ever. But he got the job done. And I'm just saying that if you are working in a store where the heat or the AC or something doesn't work, it's always good to have Larry on your side.
They asked him to be Master of Ceremonies again next year.
He said yes!
This is what I love about geekdom - or at least the geekdom at Polaris. It's like a family - a community. And we stick up for the underdog and for each other.

Long live the geeks.

And could someone call my home office about the AC.....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two for Tuesday: Toronto!

I'm Ba-ack!

It was such a fun weekend and Naomi and I had a blast. We drove up a day early so we could spend some time sightseeing. Being the nerdy sisters that we are, we did not do the "normal" spots most people visit in Toronto.
Here we are waiting for the bus

1. We went to the Toronto Reference Library.
Oh. My. Werd. This place is huge and gorgeous and I totally wish I lived close to it. There's even a waterfall inside, but it was under renovation, so we couldn't really get the full effect. :(
But the rest of it? So worth it.

Those are elevators in the center. They're glass, so you can see  everything as you ride
How cool is it having the plants growing over the edges?!
Are you drooling yet?
Plants! Everywhere!
The books. Oh the books! And the plants and the ... everything. Seriously. We just walked around kind of drooling.

2. We also went to the Lilliam H. Smith Branch of the Toronto Public Library.

Guarding the library entrance
Guard, guard, guard
Yes, that's right. One library is not good enough for the Thompson sisters. No, we must go to two. :) But the real reason we went there is because it is the home of the Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books. They have a whole room dedicated to displays of children's books of various kinds, shapes, and sizes. So. Cool.

The theme right now is reptile/amphibians. There were glass cases with books laid flat, and each one had a theme, like Frog, or Crocodile, or Tortoise. And then all the books inside were connected with that theme and there were little plastic frogs or crocodiles or turtles. For example, they might have a case with an early copy of Frog and Toad are Friends along with a copy of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass open to the page with the frog messenger and a copy of a children's natural history with a page about frogs and their habitats and habits and then a book of children's poetry with a poem about a frog. So much fun.
I love this t-shirt! 

There were also larger display cases where they had a series on the Franklin books. These had sketches and paintings from the artist and stuffed animals and books and other things connected with it. They had a whole shelf of things on Aesop's tale of the tortoise and the hare with books ranging in size and illustrations. We couldn't take any pictures inside, but it was well worth the trip since Naomi and I love children's books so much.
I don't think she's making out with the gryphon, but I'm not sure.

So that was pretty much all we did - we walked through downtown to get from one to the other and had a lot of fun doing that, but we didn't "go" anywhere else. Maybe next time we'll see some of the more "traditional" sights, but we had fun!

Do you like to visit out of the norm places when you go on vacation? Have you ever visited a super cool library?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Please Hold


Just a quick note to say that there will not be a post today. Ahem. I had all intentions of doing it, but Naomi and I leave tomorrow morning for Canada, and I'm doing a slideshow of my trip to Italy for our Ladies' Fellowship group at church tonight. And I kinda haven't finished it yet.


no new posts until Tuesday probably, since I will be mostly interweb free all weekend. But be ready for next week because I'll have all KINDS of goodies to share with you! All. Kinds.

Like pics of Naomi and I dressed up for the HP7 midnight (ish) release. She found a Trelawney costume in her wardrobe. Ha!

And stuff about the panels at Polaris. I'm a panelist on one about the genre of YA and how it's developed over the years and where it's going. I'm scared and super excited at the same time.

And stuff about our sightseeing in Toronto where we will be dorks and have a blast.

Any fun plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two for Tuesday: New Things

I am very excited because I have learned two new things in the last week.

1. I learned how to knit. Okay, not everything, but the basics. I even made a cute little swatch. See!
I learned how to knit, pearl, do ribbing, increase, decrease, and cast off! Whee!
My friend is teaching me and she said my stitches are very neat and even. :D I have crocheted and sewed and cross-stitched, but knitting always looked scary. Now I want to try EVERYTHING.

2. Re-watching the final season of Lost in under a week is not recommended.

Okay, so this is much more lame than the other, but it is nonetheless true. On Sunday we watched like 7 episodes and then yesterday watched the finale and a bunch of the special features. As of 11:00 last night, my sinuses and eyes were still itchy and sore from all the crying I did. I liked the last season, but after the last week, I love it.

I did not do this just for kicks. I am moderator of the "Lost in Memory" panel at Polaris on Saturday and I was scared that I would not remember well enough to talk about it. Hence the rushed watch. You'd think I could have started back in February when I signed up, but apparently I like waiting until the last minute. Which is another thing I have come to a greater realization of this week.
funny pictures of cats with captions
But then I would have to call this Three for Tuesday, and it just doesn't have the same ring.

Have you learned anything new lately? A new skill? Something you realized about yourself? I also just realised that I like the "realised" spelling better than the "realized" spelling. That z feels jarring.


Monday, July 11, 2011

To Write is Human, to Revise Divine

It seems like almost everyone says they could write a novel if they wanted to. Some of those actually do take a stab at writing something. Some of those actually finish a rough draft. But only a handful of those will take the time and effort to polish and revise and rework that draft into something better.

I feel like I am perpetually in the camp of people that have a rough product, but aren't really sure how to get it from word vomit to coherent story.
From Finding Wonderland
So I do what any good writer would do and troll the interwebs for hints, suggestions, and cute animal pictures.
(by the by, that website where I found that hilarious cartoon has a ton more - they do a "Toon Thursday" and I was laughing pretty hard. See? Troll the interwebs, my friends, troll around)

This last week I stumbled across two very different and very visual means of plotting or organizing your book.  The WIP I'm struggling with started as a NaNo novel that I wrote while attending grad school and teaching, so it's very much (very, very much) word vomit. It was the pantsiest (pantserest?) I've ever written. The characters are coming together, the basic plot is kind of in place, but I'm not really sure how to get where I need to go. So even though I have some raw material, it's kind of like I'm starting from scratch and I have been trying to figure out ways to make this work. I found both of these super helpful, and they also reminded me of a third idea that someone posted a while ago.

The first one comes from a post by Jamie Harrington over at Totally the Bomb. The post is from last year, but someone (I totally forget who) linked to it and I thought it was hilarious and brilliant and I had to share.

She uses a "storysaurus" to plot her books. Click on the link above to see a picture of it. It's basically a way to easily and loosely plot the ARC of your story. The nice thing about it is that, even if you are a pantser, it's flexible enough and versatile enough that you can add spikes, remove spikes, rearrange spikes, without much trouble. Plus it's WAY more fun than a bullet point outline.

The second one is from the ever helpful QueryTracker website. Suzette Saxton posted on this tip that she had come across elsewhere. It's basically a tic tac toe board for your novel, with nine important sections and how they intersect and interact. You can click on the link above to take a look at them.

I love both of these because they are so visual and so loose. I feel like it would be so easy to rearrange, rework, redo anything you put on these. A traditional outline can feel very constraining at times (at least to me).

The last one is actually based on the book Save the Cat which I NEED to read, but haven't had a chance to get to yet. Anyhoodles, Elizabeth over at Liz Writes Books shared this beat sheet that she created to help her plot out the "beats" of the novel. I've played around with this a bit and have found it incredibly helpful in getting my thoughts in order. It's also very visual, plus it's Excel, which I kind of love playing around with (yes I am a geek). The link there will take you to her post.
funny pictures of cats with captions
How about you? Do you have any tricks you use for organizing, plotting, or revising your novels? Any helpful (or hilarious) sites you've come across when trolling for help?

Friday, July 8, 2011

6 ARC giveaway

Yes, you read that right.

But this time it is not me giving them away.

It is the lovely Frankie Diane whose posts would often make me spew water out my nose if I happened to be drinking water whilst reading them.


She is having a CONTEST! For reals! And giving away 6 ARCs! And there will be 3 winners!

So go check it out. And you could maybe say I sent you and she might maybe give me more entrages. (I am claiming that to be a word.)

Happy Friday!
funny pictures- FRIDAY
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cover Love Thursday: Haunting Violet

I picked this book up for several reasons - the main one being that Alyxandra Harvey was at Polaris last year, and is going to be there again this year and I've been meaning to read something by her ever since last year.

But look at that cover! It's so perfect for the book and I love the water lilies floating in the deep purple. And the font - I love the curlies on the letters.
I loved this book. It was a great read and I didn't want to put it down!

Here's my review from Good Reads:
Violet's mother is a medium. At least, that's what she would have everyone believe. But no one knows better than Violet just how much of a charlatan her mother really is. She's tired of the games and the pretense and how they prey on the grief of good people, but the only way out of this life is through marriage. It's a good thing the handsome, kind, and wealthy Xavier has his eye on her. But then Violet starts seeing ghosts. For real. And what about Colin? One minute he's teasing her, the next he's kissing her and Violet can't figure out what to do. Caught up in the mystery of a young girl's death, her feelings for Colin and Xavier, and the scandalous behavior of her mother, Violet isn't sure where to turn.

Part mystery, part ghost story, part romance, Haunting Violet has a little bit of something for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the characters, and the voice of Violet.

I definitely recommend it! You can also check out Alyxandra Harvey's website and her Drake chronicles HERE.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And now it's time for RETAIL WEDNESDAY!

I don't know how to start today, so ON to the awards :D

Private Amusement Award:
Yesterday I was leading a customer toward the back of the store when I nearly bumped into a gentleman. He had a bath towel draped across his shoulders. I wanted to ask him what the answer was to life, the universe, and everything, but I restrained myself.
Arthur Dent kitteh  knows ware towel iz.

Dense Customer Award:
Our cafe was serving samples. We have a small table near the info desk where the tray gets placed. The barista had brought out a tray, so I asked what was being sampled in case someone asked me.
A little while later a customer came up and asked what the one drink was.

Other customer: It's some orange thing.
Me: It's our peach Fruitkula.
This is pretty much the most heavenly drink of ever.
Customer: (takes a sip) No, I think it's mango.
Me: It's our peach Fruitkula.
Customer: (sips, smacks lips) I'm pretty sure it's mango.
Me: I just asked what they were sampling. It's our peach Fruitkula.
Customer: (eyes me suspiciously) Are you sure?

Me: Um. Yes.
Customer: It's really good.

Outright Bizarre / Witty Co-worker / Weirdest Reaction Award:
This is actually 3 stories in one (aren't you excited?).
I almost didn't post this, because I'm kind of nervous that people will take it wrong. But I think it's funny/weird, so here it is.
Don't take it the wrong way.
A woman approached me and cleared her throat, looking around rather nervously.
funny pictures of cats with captions
This nervous.
Woman: Excuse me. I don't really even know how to ask this, but ... do you have any ... black books?
Me: Do you mean African American Fiction?
Woman: (breathes huge sigh of relief) Yes. Thank you.
I show her the section, trying not to burst out laughing. I go back to information and share this with A who gets a wicked grin on her face and says, "I would have been tempted to go get her Mein Kampf."
Because the book is ... black ... get it?
(Don't go getting all offended... it's only because of the cover. Has nothing to do with the book itself. Just Sayin')
On a related note, J had a customer asking for the same section and when J referred to it as the "African American Fiction section" (which is how they happen to be categorized or labelled) the woman got quite offended and asked:
"Do you have a White Caucasian Section?"
....... you do realize we're just taking you to the section YOU asked for?

Cutie Patootie Award:
A young girl, maybe 4 years old, walked past the information desk. "A" looked at me and said in a hushed tone, "She's so CUTE!"

The little girl looked back at her and smiled broadly. "Thank you!"
cute baby animals-Acting Like Animals: Dear Ceiling Bunny...
see more Daily Squee
Oh my werd how adorable!

And that's it for today! See you later alligators!

I haven't used this picture in ages. I missed it :D

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Two for Tuesday: What I love about the 4th

of July that is!

Every year when we talk about our plans for the fourth of July, my Dad and I always have the same answer. We like to go to a town nearby. They have a parade, and a craft fair, and carnival food, and a really good fireworks display. So yesterday, none of us had to work (shock!) so we went over pretty early in the afternoon and made a day of it. It was so much fun that I had to share what I love the most.

1. Fireworks. I love them. I forgot my camera this year, so I don't have any pictures. But fireworks are amazing! The skill and science that goes into creating them and putting the show together and coordinating it with the music - it blows my mind! They're beautiful, intense, and entertaining!

2. The sense of  community. My Dad and I love going to this town because it's just that - a community! And everyone who comes on July 4th is a part of that. They've got the softball teams and the gymnastic groups and old tractors and the Civil War reenactors and the bands from the high school marching band to the seniors brass band sitting in the back of a wagon - all in the parade. It's so cute and fun and interesting. And when it gets dark and everyone gathers around the lake and there are people everywhere you look and you chat with the family behind you and share glow sticks and hold your breath as those first "test" rockets go off. Then the music starts and the show starts and everyone is united in such a unique way. They always play the same (or very similar) set of songs during the firework show and I love it, but this year there was a problem with the sound system. In the middle of the first chorus of "God Bless the USA" the sound cut out and there was a universal "HEY!" of frustration from the crowd. After a few seconds it came back on, but during the second chorus it cut out again. But that time, everyone just kept singing. It was a really special moment to have hundreds of people singing through the song.

I am proud to be an American and I am glad to live in this country! So here's a little music to continue the 4th for you :D

Next weekend our town does their fireworks display. I like that they spread it out so I can go to more than one!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo? Don't Mind if I Do!

First off, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all of my readers also in the States. I think this is my favorite holiday. At least my second favorite.
Have a cupcake on me :)
But it's also Monday, so on to some writerly thing :)

Have you guys seen this Camp NaNo thing? It's basically the November version, but in July and without its own forums and such. At least so far. But it is a nice option for people that are insanely busy in November.

I managed to do and win NaNo in November (Do NOT ask me how. It was insane), but I had such plans for writing over the summer.

Thus far I have written approximately 0 words.

So I decided to do Camp NaNo as a way to kickstart myself back into writing.

I'm working with the novel I started in November, but the thing needs a complete rewrite. As in I can't use anything really that I wrote before. So I figured why not take the accountability of NaNo and that word counter to give myself the motivation to get started. I love this story and I'm starting to get itchy because I can't get going on it.

How about you? Done any writing or revising this summer? Planning on joining Camp NaNo? What do you do to motivate yourself when you just don't want to write?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Whatcha Watchin?

When I was growing up we never really watched TV. Not really. There would be maybe one show a season that we would watch and then everything else was hit or miss. For example, we NEVER missed an episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

So I'm not sure when I became such an avid TV viewer. I think I blame Lost. That was the first show I think I could sincerely attach the word "obsession" to. On TV, online, on DVD I'll have multiple shows going at once and multiple more that I wish I could get to!

Last season I couldn't miss:
1. Vampire Diaries - the second season was amazing. Plus the eye candy of Damon and Alaric :)
2. Castle - love this show to pieces. Hello Nathan Fillion (This also reminds me of the fact that I NEVER crushed on actors until recently... hm)
3. Raising Hope - Though it tapered off in hilarity for me this season I would watch it for the father alone. Oh my werd, but everything he says and does makes my mom, sister, and me laugh our heads off.

4. Glee - I watch it for the music. Really. The story line has completely lost my interest. But I do love when they have a good Sue episode.

And I liked when I could catch NCIS: Los Angeles. I love the cast they've gathered there. NCIS has kind of lost me because everything is pretty much the same that it was 2 seasons ago.
Also liked the occasional episode of Community.

And on DVD:
Dr. Who - The reboot. Just caught up with as much is available on DVD and I want to cry that we don't get BBC America. I think I'm a genuine Whovian now. (Also, David Tennant :D)
Buffy/Angel - Naomi and I were working our way through for the first time. We still have like 7 Angel episodes left.
Babylon 5 - Revisiting an old classic with my parents.
X-Files - Have to watch this only with my Dad as it freaks my Mom out and Naomi doesn't really care.
Firefly - Just finished my nth rewatch. Why oh why was that show canceled?!
Big Bang Theory - started from the beginning. Naomi and I now quote it regularly to each other. I haven't laughed so hard at a sitcom in a very long time. Every episode kills me. My favorite bits are always the exchanges between Sheldon and Penny.

Dollhouse - If you haven't seen this, and you like Joss Whedon's other stuff, GO. WATCH. It was streaming on Netflix and I became kind of obsessed. Also Tofer.
Torchwood - Netflix streaming is kind of my best friend. A lot of content that I didn't appreciate, but I got sucked in anyway. Not something I would rewatch, but I'm glad I watched it.
Battlestar Gallactica - the new one. I tried this because a lot of people I know loved it, but I just cannot get into it. I don't know as I'll really watch more.

And right now I am obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance! I love this show!

I also, inexplicably, love to catch an episode of Wipeout. I don't pay attention to when it's on or anything, but if it happens to be on I get excited and watch it. I can't explain my fascination with it.

So what do YOU like to watch? Have any good recommendations? I realize this list makes it sound like all I do is watch TV, but it's not as bad as it looks, so you don't need to plan an intervention :D

Also, this is too me not to post.
funny pictures - never too old to be a kid